Beyond the business case: gender diversity in corporate Australia

7 Sep

This weekend,  I completed a white paper for my Australian client emberin,  in which we explored the global research which supports increasing gender diversity in the workforce at all levels.

From the Executive Summary:

In 2006,  the Economist magazine declared:

“Forget China, India and the Internet.  Economic growth is driven by women.”

Four years later, how much of that message has been taken on board by corporate Australia?

Judging by the EOWA numbers which tell us that, as of 2008, only 8.3% of women are currently at board director level in ASX200 companies, it seems that we still have much to learn from both the published research around the business benefits and implications of having a more gender balanced workplace – and from other countries who have adopted and adapted to this new, twenty-first century understanding.

But what is the business case for adopting and integrating a broader and more diverse workforce?

In this paper,  leading global gender diversity consultancy emberin explores the research and current thinking around the business case for gender diversity and examines the business, economic, customer service and talent management drivers.

What can a more gender balanced organisation do for your company’s:

  • Bottom line?
  • Approach to innovation?
  • Leadership and decision making?
  • Talent pipeline?
  • Customer base?

And why might Australia’s leading companies want to think about  moving beyond the business case and learning not only how to market yourself better to women but how to make the women in your own ranks feel more welcome,  better valued and as if progression and leadership opportunities are within their grasp?

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